In addition to my main research projects I am part of a number of research teams at Coventry University involved in a range of different research projects. These include:

  • Gender and work in the jewellery Industry with Prof. Marylyn Carrigan (Coventry University), Prof. Joanne Duberley (University of Birmingham), Dr Carmela Bosangit (Cardiff University). You can find out more abou this research on the Jewellery SMEs blog.
  • Social Investment with Dr Nick Henry and Dr Carlos Ferreira (Coventry University), in particular about how this concept has developed and how it takes place in different countries.
  • Financial inclusion and data disclosure with Dr Nick Henry, Dr Paul Sissons (Coventry University), Prof. Jane Polland and Prof. Mike Coombes (Newcastle University) focusing on the importance of data disclosure and spatial patterns of lending.
  • Understanding the expetations, experiences and benefits of mega events for volunteers as part of a FP7 funded project, CARNIVAL, with Dr Andre Soares (Coventry University).
  • Localising Foreign Experiences – an exploration of the consumption of German Christmas markets in the UK with Dr Cristina Galalae, Aurelie Broekerhoff, Dr Eva Kipnis (Coventry University), Dr Andrea Lucarelli (Stockholm Business School) and Dr Mikael Andehn (Aaltlo University, Finland).