Mobilizing Institutional Reform for Research and Innovation Systems (MIRRIS) is an FP7 project informing European Commission strategy in relation to engagement of the EU12 countries in key R&D programmes (Horizon 2020). It aimed to encourage better exploitation of European research and innovation programmes and participation in European research area funding from EU13 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

As explained on the MIRRIS website: "Europe as a whole must advance significantly in research and innovation performances in order to make the EU the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy, as foreseen in the Europe 2020 strategy. There are countries lagging behind in the effectiveness of exploiting EU funded programs in the field of R&D&I. The obstacles can be sought among local conditions, resources and assets faceting a specific system."

The project which aimed to uncover these obstacles and suggest pathways to overcome them was completed by a consortium of partners from across Europe: Meta Group, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), PARP, EFMD network, EBN, INSME, Coventry University, Eurada, Aalborg University, APRE, and TII.

The project methodology included a series of policy dialogues with R&D&I stakeholders in each country to identify barriers and opportunities for increasing participation in European research programmes, as well as to suggest roadmaps and priority challenges for each country.

The project concluded in 2016 with the results being presented to stakeholders. You can read more about the final MIRRIS conference held in Brussels in the newsletter. Publications from this project are currently in progress, but you can view the policy brief that covers the situation for each country, here.