Book Chapters

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Guerra, D. Ferreira, J. and Kipnis, E. (2017) Towards Cultural Centrality in Mega-Event Urban Legacy: The Case of Porto Maravilha and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brittain, I, Bocarro, J. Byers, T. and Swart, K. (eds) Legacies and megaevents: fact or fairytale? London: Routledge.


I have a series of entries in Schintler, L. and McNeely, C. (eds) (2017) Encyclopedia of Big Data:



Ferreira, J. (2016) ‘The third wave and the transformation of urban centres’ in Pilgrim, D (ed). Coffee Shop North.

Synopsis: The growth of coffee shops is an important phenomenon for city centres and high streets across the cities of the north with a developing coffee culture, and the potential to transform communities.


I have a series of entries in Wherry, F. and Schor, J. (eds) (2016) SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society: