Welcome to my research website.  I am a researcher in the Centre for Business in Society in the Faculty of Business and Law at Coventry University. My research profile at the university can be found here

My main research interests are based in economic geography exploring:

  • local and regional economic development

  • varieties of capitalism

  • labour markets

  • employment intermediaries

  • non-standard forms of employment

  • labour market regulation

  • comparative institutional systems.

A second branch of my research is more interdisciplinary exploring:

  • the growth and development of the coffee and coffeeshop industry

  • the role of impact of coffee shops on economies and urban communities

  • the role of 'third spaces' in urban communities

  • the coffee shop industry and sustainability

  • retail, sustainability and the circular economy

While these remain the focus of my research activities you will see from my research projects page that I am active in several other research areas, developing a solid portfolio of research experience in a range of areas in the social sciences.

How have I ended up here? I was awarded a scholarship from the Population Investigation Council to complete an MA in Research Methodology (Population Studies) at the University of Liverpool in 2008, and an ESRC CASE studentship to complete a PhD researching the institutional context of the temporary staffing industry at the University of Manchester, completed in 2013. The doctoral thesis used a comparative case study methodology to explore the variegated nature of the temporary staffing in Europe focusing on the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic. Before this I was a Geography teacher, and after the PhD I held positions in Cambridge Assessment and at the Royal Geographical Society. As a consequence of these positions outside of academia I have developed an interest in education, pedagogy and assessment.

This website acts as a hub for some of my research activities where you can find out about some my research projects, publications and activities. This complements my blog ‘Eternal Exploration’ where I have previously discussed some of my teaching and learning, and more geography-focused activities, as well as my research blog on the café industry, ‘Cafe Spaces’. At times there will also be mentions of photography, and you can see more of this on the blog ‘Oblique Exposure’ which I co-author. In addition to the social media profiles linked at the bottom of this webpage you can also find me on Google ScholarResearch Gate and Academia.edu.